Do Stem Cell Injections Work?

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell injections are something that can revolutionize the treatment of debilitating conditions. They can be useful for people who are suffering from osteoarthritis, tendon issues, and some degenerative conditions.

The types of stem cells that are used in these treatments are the ones that come from the amniotic sac, not from the embryo. There are some ethical concerns regarding embyronic stem cell therapy, but the majority of people feel that the amniotic stem cells are a separate issue and that they do not raise the same moral or ethical questions.

Stem cell injections work by actually restoring the degenerative tissue. The injections can be useful in the same way cortisone is – They offer pain relief while the growth factors help to restore the damaged cells. They can also include hyaluronic acid, which will help to lubricate joints and tendons, which will help to ease pain and restore mobility.

Amniotic stem cell injections do not involve using steroids. The injections rely on naturally occurring anti-inflammatory ingredients, including cytokines.

Amniotic stem cells do contain hyaluronic acid, and this will lubricate cartilage, which will help to promote fresh cartilage growth.

One interesting thing about stem cell injections is that they are not going to be rejected by the person receiving them. You might think that since they are ‘cells’ they could be rejected, but that’s not how it works. There is no threat of rejection.

Amniotic fluid contains a high concentration of stem cells. This means that it is a better source of cells, compared to trying to gather them from a patient’s own fat or bone marrow.

Stem cell injections are safe – there is a extremely miniscule chance of rejection because they come from an immunoprivileged source. The use of the cells is safe – they have been used by opthamlologists and plastic surgeons for around two decades, and the donors go through strict screening procedures.

Step cell therapy is used by people who have suffered from sports injuries and ligament damage, and it is also used by people who are suffering from arthritis. It can be done privately, indeed a lot of people travel to get it done because local health services are often reluctant to refer to it but you can read the blog and find out for yourself.

If you are not sure if you are a candidate for stem cell injections, then you will need to talk to a doctor. Make sure that you get our issue properly diagnosed before you spend money on getting the injections done. Don’t go get them unless you are certain that they will be a cure because they can be expensive compared to a lot of other forms of treatment. Stem cell therapy is something that you will find could change your life if you have a recurring, long lasting injury. There are a lot of organisations that do ‘medical tourism’, and these could be the solution for you if getting the injections in your home town would cost you too much, or if there is a long waiting list.