Morton’s Neuroma Treatment Options And Symptoms

Pain From Morton’s Neuroma

The regular definition of a neuroma is a small benign tumor that manifests itself on the end of a nerve. It deadens the feelings in the nerve to near numbness. With a Morton’s neuroma, the feelings can be similar but the actual cause is a thickening of the skin and other tissues around the nerve instead. This particular affliction is commonly used for the nerves that lead to the toes. Many of the people that experience this disease will describe the sensation as feeling like they are walking on marbles or some other objects that are stuck to their feet. It can be quite painful as the condition worsens and is up to 8 times more common among women than men.

Here Are Some Symptoms Of Morton’s Neuroma

Since there is no tumor associated with the disease there won’t be anything outwardly obvious to see when looking at the foot. Patients will describe a burning sensation that starts at the ball of the foot and may extend to the toes. Walking or just wearing shoes can aggravate the pain and as the condition progresses there may be numbness in the toes.

Many runners and other active athletes will report the painful sensations mostly when they push off from a standing start or starting block. High heeled shoes are also an aggravation because of the unnatural pressures that many of them place on the feet. Of course, women tend to wear poorly fitting shoes far more often than men and so they are more prone to the pain of Morton’s Neuroma.

People that already have certain problems with their feet such as bunions, flat feet, high arches, hammertoes, or previous foot injuries have a much higher incidence of the disease. Poorly fitting shoes that are too narrow, too tight, or excessively high are also a major cause of all kinds of foot problems including this one.

There Are Some Easy Morton’s Neuroma Treatments

If a person is able to recognize the early signs of the affliction it’s a lot easier to prevent the condition from worsening than it is to fix after the fact. Switching to more comfortable shoes is the first step then installing padded arch supports, shoe inserts, and other devices in their shoes can stop the progression of the disease. Some doctors also prescribe steroid injections to the area to decrease inflammation that could be the root cause.

Another, more experimental, Morton’s neuroma treatment is the use of extreme cold called cryogenic neuroablation to basically freeze the area and deaden the nerve. Surgery is also a possibility to remove the nerve altogether or just relieve the pressure on the nerve if the exact problem can be found. Of course, as with any disease that is caused by overuse or abuse of a body part, prevention is by far the best route to take.

If you think you might have the beginning stages of the disease you should see a Podiatrist and get a professional opinion. Waiting until the problem worsens is the wrong thing to do as early action can help avoid the more invasive or expensive treatment options. What option is best for you can be from those on so check it out.