The Best Morton’s Neuroma Treatment Options Currently Available


Once you develop Morton’s neuroma, you will have to have this resolved by a physician that understands what is causing the problem. They will have very specific treatments, some of which will be very easy to do, whereas others can be very invasive. The stage of the condition will have a lot to do with whether or not it will go away with a simple shot, or if you may need to have other procedures that are much more complex. Let’s look at Morton’s neuroma, why you might have it, and what some of the best treatment options are available today for this debilitating condition.

Where Does It Show Up?

This will show up at the base of your foot, specifically at the ball of your foot in the front. If you think about women that wear high heels, where there foot makes the most impact, this is where it typically forms. The same is true for professional or amateur athletes, those that are bouncing on the ball of their foot continuously such as in basketball or tennis. Once it occurs, you will begin to believe that you have a rock or stone in your shoe on a consistent basis that is causing you pain. It is developed over the course of time as you are repetitively using your foot. This can be resolved by using one of the many treatments that have been developed.

Treatment Options For Morton’s Neuroma

Some of the treatment options include more conservative options. Early stages will probably only require ice to reduce inflammation, or some type of physical therapy where you are doing ankle exercises. Since this is an inflammation caused by repetitive motion, they may ask you to use different shoes at work, or take a break from the sports that you play. If it is much worse, they will inject corticosteroids into the inflamed area that can help reduce the inflammation. Platelet rich plasma injections are the next step, followed by stem therapy research. If all of that fails, surgery is still an option. You still have to find a professional that will be able to help you, and there are several that specialize in offering treatments for Morton’s neuroma that are going to be very helpful.

The Best Way To Find A Doctor For This Condition

if you want to find a doctor that can help you, simply search for Morton’s neuroma online, specifically looking for a physician that specializes in this foot condition. You may find several websites, each of which is going to show you the different treatments that they offer. It is recommended that you set an appointment right away with one that is close to your city or town. They can evaluate your situation, make recommendations, and eventually they will be able to help you. It really is easy to treat if you catch this early enough, so if you do have pain at the ball of your foot while you are walking in tennis shoes or high heels, get to someone that can diagnose this condition.

Treating Morton’s neuroma is much easier than you would imagine. You will probably have several doctors in your general area that will know what to do. You can also find physicians that specialize specifically in Morton’s neuroma from a source such as┬áthat will have all of the treatment options that have been mentioned. They will know exactly what to give you, and should be able to give you a timeframe as to when this problem will be resolved.