Hire An Environmentally-Friendly Rat Exterminator And Take Control!

Rats are a common problem in many households, and these pests often find hidden small entry points into a home to build nests and to take your food. The problem isn’t just that rats are rodents and can chew through anything, but they carry many diseases that can transfer to humans. Fortunately for you, you can take control of the situation by calling Swat Wildlife to help! Not only are the services offered by the company fast and innovative, but environmentally-friendly as well.

Signs Of Rats In Your Home

The first and most important step to take before calling a rat exterminator is to determine whether you have a rat infestation on your hands. The signs are often there and quite easily noticed much to the dismay of homeowners. Signs include:

  • Small droppings that are clearly of the rodent variety. It’s best to look up pictures online to determine the droppings belong to rats or other rodents.
  • Sounds in the night that resemble a gnawing and scurrying noise. Since rats come out at night, it’s important to listen intently to determine any potential sounds.
  • Rats build nests for their homes, and the signs of a nest being built can easily be spotted. Rodents tend to use household waste such as old newspapers, cardboard, and rags to insulate their nests.
  • Where rats are present, rub marks are also a common occurrence. These critters rub their fur against the walls and the evidence is often left behind for the bewildered homeowner to discover.

Problems Caused By Rats

It isn’t just the idea of having rodent invaders in one’s home that causes homeowners to panic! Rats can become a very real threat and can wreak havoc on a household in more ways than one. Some of the most common problems caused by rats include:

  • Contaminated food supply in the home as rats can enter the pantry and gain access to food. Their droppings are especially filled with infectious diseases that can affect humans.
  • Serious damage to a home with a potential for fire. Rats chew through electrical wiring and insulation that doesn’t just need to be replaced, but closely inspected. Chewed electrical wiring is the number one fire hazard in any home!
  • Rats are unclean and can stink up a household as they expire. Oftentimes, rats die behind walls that can cause an irritating stench that’s not only unpleasant, but hard to remove without gaining access to the space behind the walls. Additionally, rats are nocturnal and that can lead to sleepless nights and a great deal of guesswork as to what causes the nighttime raucous.

The Answer To The Problem

The safest way to eliminate any possibility of a threat in the home is to call a professional rat exterminator in the area such as Swat Wildlife as they offer affordable pricing and an emergency solution. It’s important to have an infestation assessed and addressed by experts as it’s safer, healthier, quicker, and more affordable.