A Guide To Effectively Storing And Protecting Pokémon Cards

Pokemon Squirrel Card

Pokémon is a Japanese anime that began in the 1990s capturing the imagination of a generation. While it was assumed that the trend would die out, Pokémon proved to be a lasting phenomenon bringing with it more than a mere television show but several gaming apps and cards. Once you enter the world of Pokémon, whether it be watching the show or playing the game, it is difficult to turn back. This article will delve into the world of Pokémon gaming and look at how to store and protect Pokémon cards.

Once you begin collecting Pokémon cards from sources like the Snetch Arts and Domestic website, it is simple and easy to quickly accrue a large amount of cards in a brief period of time – gotta catch ’em all! Before you know it a few dozen cards will soon turn into several hundred. While you may be tempted to throw the cards into a shoebox upon acquiring them, this can be a damaging move regarding the state of the card. Instead, it is far more beneficial to develop a system of card organization and storage.

There are two main benefits to keeping the Pokémon cards in order. The first is that your cards will remain in better condition as compared to simply tossing the items into a shoebox. This means that they will be less shabby around the edges and their colors will remain brighter. Holographic surfaces of rare Pokémon cards are extremely delicate and can be easily scratched; therefore, organization is particularly beneficial for rare cards.

It is significant that you keep Pokémon cards in good condition because this helps to retain value. While some Pokémon cards are quite common and may not have much monetary value, there are those cards that can be worth hundreds of dollars if unblemished. However, if the card does present with a slight blemish, they may not be worth more than sentimental value. It is important to remember this fact as you may consider selling the cards in the future.

The second benefit or reason why an individual should consider an organization and storage system for their Pokémon cards is that it becomes easier to locate a specific card. Despite the fact that you may have thousands of the same card, it can be difficult to locate a single one if you have thrown them all into a single shoebox. A gamer who is interested in trading cards would find this system useful as they are able to locate any card within a few seconds and will not lose any battles because of ‘card confusion’, particularly if you are trying to build a powerful deck.

You may be wondering what the best method of storing the Pokémon cards are. One method is to place the holographic cards in a sturdy, zipped binder as this will ensure that the cards cannot fall out. It is recommended that each card is placed in a penny sleeve which is a thin plastic card holding case. Ideally, you should only place one card in each sleeve to avoid any damage or rubbing off between the cards.

It is also recommended that you maintain the binders by sections. This means that the cards are separated by types; for example, all Fire Pokémon cards are stored in a separate binder to Water types. This can be useful for locating specific Pokémon when building a powerful deck.