All About Finding An Authentic Italian Restaurant In Italy

Italian Wine and Pizza

You might think that going to Italy means that you will be gorging on authentic Italian dishes, however, the truth is that because it is such a touristy place, you will find that most of the dishes served in Rome and other parts of Italy are not delicious and therefore not authentic Italian. But don’t you worry because, in this article, we are going to share with you some tips for finding good restaurants when in Italy.

The first tip we would like to share with you is this: Take a walk. Seriously, take a walk away from the tourist spots and walk to the neighborhoods where you will find only Italian-speaking attendants and Italian-only menu. If the menu has been translated into different languages, you can be sure that the restaurant is catering to tourists and what you are getting is food that is not authentic Italian.

Walk away from restaurants that have people standing outside waving at you and asking you to try their menu. If the restaurant owner has to pay someone to find customers, you can be sure that there is something off with the food. If you see someone standing in front of a restaurant and waving at you, run in the opposite direction. Keep on running until you find a true Italian restaurant.

Most tourists do not know that Italians have a set time for eating their food. Lunch is from 12 to 2:30 while dinner is at 7:30 to 11 PM. If you see a restaurant open in-between these times, you can be sure that the place is for tourists.

Aside from the times when they are open, you can easily tell if a restaurant is catering to tourists if they serve pizza at lunch. A properly-made Italian pizza takes a long time to bake, and normally, restaurants do not serve it in the short lunch hours. Again, if a restaurant is serving pizza at lunch time, you can be sure that it is not authentic Italian pizza.

If you are traveling to Italy, make sure you visit and download and install the app Foursquare on your smartphone. There you will find user-recommended restaurants that you can try.

Italy is still a good place to go for tourists, however, because of the sheer volume of visitors each year, the price of rent have gone up, driving mom-and-pop restaurants serving good food to the outskirts of the tourist destinations. And what is left for tourists are restaurants that are, well, catering to tourists.

If you want something truly Italian that is cooked with the Italian heart and mind, you should make the effort to walk away from the tourist centers. Thankfully for you, you do not need to walk the path alone. As we said, there is an app that you can download to help you find the best places to eat while in Italy.

Really, just because you are in Italy, it does NOT mean that all the restaurants you will find there are good.