Building A Pokémon Trading Card Deck

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Playing Pokémon can be a challenging and fun hobby. However, you need to ensure that you create the right deck to play with. While it is possible to buy pre-constructed decks, but you do not have to be limited to them. Building your own deck will take time and you need to consider a number of factors while doing this. If you don not find everything you are looking for in this piece try for more on Pokémon trading cards.

The Kind Of Deck You Want

The first point to consider is the type of deck you want to play with. You should consider the types of Pokémon that you like playing with and try building a deck around this. Of course, you need to ensure that the types in your deck all complement each other.

You should also consider the weaknesses of your card types. If you are using Psychic types they are weak to Dark types. You should consider including some colorless type Pokémon in the deck as they bulk it up and offer an array of helpful effects.

Have A Strategy For Battle

When you build your deck you need to consider how you would use it to beat your opponent. You should look at what your deck focuses on to win and how would you be able to achieve that. You also need to think about the different ways that your opponent can counter your strategy. By understanding the weaknesses of your deck you can try and work around them.

Remember To Keep The Balance

A mistake that many people make when they build their decks is to put too many of one card type. You need to have balance in the deck and it is recommended that you have approximated 20 Pokémon, 25 trainers and 15 energies. The makeup of your deck will vary depending on the type you play and whether you are in a tournament with any specific rules.

Basic And Evolved

Most people have a main attacker in their deck and you should hold multiple cards for this attacker. You also need to have more basic Pokémon cards than evolved ones. This is due to the fact that basic cards get knocked out faster than evolved ones. Try and evolve your Pokémon as quickly as possible to ensure that you do not run out of attackers.

Having a big hitter for the end of the game is also important. However, you should only have one or two of these cards which can be used close to the end of the game. You also need to think about your start card which will help with your set-up.

Choose Trainers Wisely

The trainers in your deck need to work with your Pokémon cards. You will need to have around 8 draw cards to ensure that you get the necessary cards to win. You can place 4 of any type of card in your deck and if you need a specific event to happen to win ensure your trainers push you toward this event. You also need to have around 5 cards that support and boost the Pokémon.