Great Italian Restaurants In Miami Are All Over The Place

Italian Food
Italian Food

Miami, Miami Beach and Dade County in general have some of the best and most respected restaurants in the nation. Miami restaurant owners know this and duplicate their restaurants in other parts of the country. Italian cuisine is a favorite of many people, and those authentic dishes always make for a great experience when you’re on vacation and want some good eats. Fortunately, Miami has tons of Italian restaurants or your choosing, and you’re about to find out which ones rank near the top.

Miami is quite large, so it can be helpful not to just look up the top Italian restaurants but also look at specific areas. For example, after looking at the top restaurants that serve up Italian food in Miami overall, you could look at the top rated establishments only in South Miami. One of these restaurants would be a place called Blu Pizza. One reviewer talks about there being some delicious Italian appetizers to go along with that pizza you order.

When looking at the best Italian restaurants in Miami overall, one of the restaurants listed is called Crust. This pizza joint might just top the other one, considering it’s the #1 restaurant in the entire city. There is also Toscana Divino and Farfalle, among many others. What’s also interesting to look at is how these Italian restaurants rank in comparison to the other types of restaurants in Miami. For example, Toscana Divino is the 9th ranked Italian restaurant, and it is #41 on the list overall. That’s really good considering it’s contending with approximately 3,700 other establishments.

What really surprised me is how many chain restaurants made it high on the list. I noticed this about South Miami, but I figured if I looked up Miami restaurants in general, the chain Italian restaurants would be left off. That’s far from the case, as The Cheesecake Factory and others are up there. However, don’t let that make you think that means the other restaurants leave something to be desired.

Are you ready for some more top picks? There is Fratelli Milano, and then there is Olivos Restaurant, which puts a unique spin on Italian food according to the reviews. Evidently, this establishment serves up Italian/Argentinian cuisine. Andiamo is another top pizza choice, and it gets a mention because you’re talking about delicious brick oven pizza at that establishment. There is also Tamarina, Soya & Pomodoro and Strada In The Grove.

Sometimes even though you’re looking at top ranked restaurants, which you can find at, it can seem like some of them might not have much separating them when it comes to the menu. That’s why it’s always fun to look at different types of Italian restaurants that put a little twist on the menu like the one mentioned earlier. Another restaurant like this in Miami would be Vapiano, which is just shy of being included in the top 100 restaurants in the entire city. Pick yourself a good dinner spot and see if you don’t think you just enjoyed the best Italian food ever.