Tips For Choosing The Right Hunting Crossbow

Moose Hunting

If you are thinking about getting a modern hunting crossbow you need to ensure that you get the right one. Having the wrong crossbow can affect your accuracy and the ease of use. Of course, before you look at buying a crossbow you need to know how to use it.

Know Your Budget

When looking at hunting crossbows you will find that they range in price from very cheap to extremely expensive. You need to consider how much you can actually spend on the device and then look at buying the best one you can afford. The cheaper crossbows will not be made as well as the more expensive ones which mean they could fail just as you need them. Ideally, you would want to get a crossbow package as this offers you the crossbow, some arrows, arrow points, a cocking device, quiver and scope sight.

Have Enough Draw Weight

The draw weight is what will differentiate a target model crossbow from a hunting crossbow. Most states have taken the guess work out of determining this by having regulatory minimums, but these will vary depending on the state. The overall range used for these regulations will be 75 to 125 pounds of draw weight and any device in this range should be able to take a deer down at a moderate range.

Most hunting crossbows on the market will have a draw weight of 150 to 175 pounds with some of the exceeding 200. Generally, the higher the weight the faster the bow, but you can go too heavy as well. There are some states that have a maximum draw weight and you need to look into this.

Be Able To Shoot A Fast Arrow

To increase the speed of an arrow you will need to increase the draw weight. However, you need to consider how fast is fast enough. If you are looking to take down big game then you should have an initial velocity of approximately 300 fps. This speed can take down bigger game and it will reduce the trajectory at long range. There are some crossbows that are pushing 400 fps, but you need to consider whether this is worth the price for what you want to do.

Have A Scope Sight

There are many crossbows that still come with open sights, but you will want to have one with a scope. A scope will make it easier to accurately shoot. The magnification of the scope can be anything from zero to 5X. Most scopes will have an internal reticle which is some form of crosshairs.

Among the most popular scopes are the multi-reticle scopes with horizontal crosshairs or multiple dots. The tip reticle will be sighted in for 20 yards while the additional ones are set at fixed intervals.

There are a number of factors that you need to consider when looking to buy a hunting crossbow some of which cane found on the High Visibility Sports and Collectibles website. It is recommended that you buy the best crossbow that you can afford and try to get a package to decrease your overall costs. You should also ensure that the device has enough draw weight to take down your target.